Custom Plastic Fabrication 



At Dover High-Performance Plastics, we consider how we deliver as equally important as what we deliver. As a custom plastic fabrication company, we utilize the latest technology in computerized equipment, dedicated engineers, and plastic fabrication professionals to consistently produce the highest quality compression molded and machined components found anywhere in the plastics fabricating industry. But custom plastic fabrication molding and machining are only two processes in the whole of what we have to offer. What truly separates us from the crowd is our service.

Our technical assistance - including design recommendations, assistance with material selection, sampling, testing and more - can help you produce better quality products and still be sensitive to your budget considerations.

We can consistently establish and meet deadlines for prototype parts as well as short or long production runs. Dover High-Performance Plastics' main goals are to provide your custom fabricated plastic requirements, to your particular specifications and on time.

If you are looking for outstanding service from a custom plastic fabrication company with the knowledge and experience needed to meet your specific requirements, then you should contact us today. Let us put our plastic custom fabrication experience to work for you.


Custom Plastic Fabrication

Applications for Products made with PTFE Fluoropolymers.

  • valve seats
  • shaft seals(rotary & reciprocating)
  • gaskets
  • bushings
  • bearings
  • packings
  • back-up rings
  • piston rings
  • o-rings
  • connectors
  • diaphragms