Valve Seats

Valve seats fabricated by Dover High Performance Plastics come in virgin PTFE and filled PTFE blends of materials, for all types of valves. Commercial plumbing applications especially benefit from our line up of ball valve seats, butterfly valve seats, Gate valve seats, and plug and check valve seats. Chemical, agricultural and petroleum processing facilities choose DHPP for our design assistance, quality materials and commitment to producing custom, precision components.

Regardless of pressure requirements or media, DHPP sealing solutions from fluoroplastic materials can withstand a multitude of challenging work environments over time. Our materials are chemically inert, maintain flexibility at low temperatures, have high heat resistance, and a low coefficient of friction.

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DHPP Seal Materials

10000 Standard Chemical and Petroleum Valve Seats and Seals
10000TFM High Temp Chemical and Petroleum Valve Seats and Seals
20000 High Pressure Valves where Porosity is a concern
50000 Cryogenic Applications
70000 Chlorine and other certain Chemical Environments
90000 Low Temperature Applications with Abrasive Media
11500B Used for Creep Resistance under High Pressure
11010BK Used for Creep Resistance under High Pressure at Elevated Temperatures
15000F Steam Valve or Steam Cleaning Operations
13000Y Heavy Duty - Extreme High Temperature Requirements