Dover High-Performance Plastics is prepared to meet a range of petrochemical component needs. High-quality engineering and control processes ensure beneficial use and production outcomes in performance applications. A range of virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE), inorganic filled fluoropolymers, and virtually any high performance or engineered plastic material are available to your exact specification. Engineers and plastic fabrication professionals are prepared to oversee your petrochemical components through from prototype to manufacture. Waste reducing processes work to offer you the highest quality components. Crucial application-desired properties can be engineered, including chemical inertness, compressive strength, cold flow and high temperature strength, and more. All petrochemical components (such as gaskets and seals for handling and processing equipment) manufactured by Dover High-Performance Plastics can be designed to specification, including size and type from intricate (with assembly option) to simple. No petrochemical component need is too complex or basic for Dover High-Performance Plastics.