Custom plastic components for all sources of instrumentation needs - recording, measurement, and testing devices including mechanical, electrical, and chemical instruments as well as scientific and laboratory equipment - are a specialty of Dover High-Performance Plastics. An understanding of the variety of needs inherent in instrumentation is expressed in a broad range of material and manufacturing options. Careful attention is placed on each order to ensure the perfect component for your needs. A team of plastic fabrication professionals sees the project through to completion with computerized equipment, engineers, and technical assistants to craft any instrumentation component need. Nearly any high-performance or engineered plastic material (with a specialty in virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE and inorganic filled fluoropolymers) is at your disposal. The chemical inertness and dielectric strength of PTFE make it the ideal choice for instrumentation use. Dover High-Performance Plastics keeps the focus on the client's needs offering expertise in lathing, computer numerical control (CNC) and automated high-speed machining, as wells as a variety of milling, drilling, cutting, indexing, forming, and more. With flexibility and dedication, the Dover High-Performance Plastics team is ready to meet a broad range of custom instrumentation components needs.