Dover High-Performance Plastics serves all manufacturers of hydraulic systems and fluid components with high-quality piston rings, O rings, Back-up rings, shaft seals and gaskets used in hydraulic systems/fluid actuation, and more. Utilizing a combination of unparalleled service and technical assistance, Dover High-Performance Plastics takes great pride in crafting hydraulic components of the utmost quality. Using a variety of materials - virtually any high performance or engineered plastic with a special focus on virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and inorganic filled fluoropolymers - each component is manufactured with care and quality using computerized equipment, engineers, a team of plastic fabrication professionals, and Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ensure maximum quality. Each order is completed with care and attention to the design specifications and intricacies of the hydraulic need. An endless list of customizations and wide range of materials ensures the perfect fit for your project. Dover High-Performance Plastics understands your needs and recognizes the importance of service and quality in bringing hydraulic component design to reality.