Dover High-Performance Plastics manufactures components for all sizes and types of compressors, including piston rings, sealing components, and other items used in compression. From a specialty in automatic compression molding of virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and inorganic filled fluoropolymers to virtually any high-performance or engineered plastic material - no compression component job is too difficult for Dover High-Performance Plastics. PTFE can be modified to meet project needs, including material properties such as compressive strength, cold flow (deformation), high-temperature strength, expansion/contraction, abrasion resistance, and more. Your compressor component needs are important to Dover High-Performance Plastics - the ability to mold, machine, and assemble intricate and complex parts is a core value. Quality is ensured using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and wide expertise engineers and plastic fabrication professionals are ready to see your compressor component project through from idea to completion.