Dover High-Performance Plastics manufactures the highest quality components for all your food production and processing needs including components involved with equipment for production, processing, preparation, and distribution of solid and liquid food items. Both virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and inorganic filled fluoropolymers (or virtually any high performance or engineered plastic material) offer unparalleled combinations of properties for your food components needs including chemical inertness, high heat resistance, low temperature flexibility, low friction coefficients, weather and moisture resistance, non-adhesive characteristics, and non-flammability. Plastic parts can be custom manufactured to suit individual needs and no project is too complex. Statistical Process Control (SPC) ensures quality, and zero non-conformance ensure the utmost quality. USDA, FDA and NSF compliant raw materials are used for bearings, seals, and gaskets used in many different kinds of food processing equipment. Dover High-Performance Plastics is ready to meet a range of food component needs and engineers and plastic fabrication professionals oversee each project from prototype to manufacture.