Custom components for manufacturers of valves regardless of size and type including stem seals, packings, and valve seats for OEM manufacturers and valve rebuilders that supply to the petroleum, chemical, and agricultural industries are a specialty of Dover High-Performance Plastics. Utilizing the utmost quality of materials (with a focus on virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE and proprietary inorganic filled fluoropolymers) and processes (molding and manufacturing expertise in lathing, CNC and automated high-speed machining, milling, drilling, and more) ensures that Dover High-Performance Plastics meets your valve component needs. From prototyping to manufacture (including the capability to deliver assembled components on complex or intricate jobs) each step is treated with care by engineers and plastic fabrication professionals. Dover High-Performance Plastics understands the importance of customization and is prepared along the way including offering several finishing and packaging options. Dover High-Performance Plastics is always ready to serve all of your valve component needs both basic and complex.