Custom Plastic Fabrication

Combinations and Assemblies

At Dover High Performance Plastics, we have the unique capability to fabricate complex components that combine disciplines. Whether your specific application requires molded parts that are later machined for specific tolerance specifications, non-standard surface finishing, or even a combination of several intricate treatments.

Using custom fabricated parts combined with our standard components or even parts supplied by another manufacturer, the experts at Dover High Performance Plastics can design and fabricate a finished product that exactly meets your requirements and specifications.

Call us today to speak with an experienced plastics Technician who will help guide you to the combination of Plastic Materials, such as PTFE, or blended PTFE such as Glass-fiber filled, Bronze Filled, Carbon Filled, Graphite Filled, Stainless Steel Filled and Pigmented PTFE, or any combination of fillers that are ideal for your particular application. Speak with an expert at 330-343-3477 with questions or to begin your project quote.