Custom components for all manufacturers of pneumatic systems and gas sealing components for air and gas drive systems are ready to be overseen from design to production at Dover High-Performance Plastics. A team of plastic fabrication professionals and design assistants ensure that only the best materials (virtually any high performance or engineered plastic material is available with a specialty in virgin and blended polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE and inorganic filled fluoropolymers) and processes (molding and machine expertise in lathing, CNC, milling, drilling, and more) are used to suit your pneumatic component needs. Waste eliminating processes create the component perfectly the first time and no job is too complex or intricate. Dover High-Performance Plastics is prepared to deliver assembled parts and customize your pneumatic job with a range of capabilities and secondary services. Each step along the way, from engineering and prototyping to manufacture and finishing, is carefully monitored to maintain the level of quality that Dover High-Performance Plastics is known for.