DHPP provides custom Bearings for just about any application. Un-lubricated or self-lubricating Bearings are made from a full range of polymer materials as well as filled and unfilled PTFE materials.

DHPP, provides Custom Bearings for all applications in virtually every industry. DHPP bearing materials consist of a variety of standard and proprietary blends of plastics including virgin, reinforced and filled polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Our proprietary blends allow you to achieve the best physical characteristics for your particular application at a fraction of the cost of many OEM sources.

DHPP Bearing Materials

11802RP Dryer Bearings - Plywood and Vaneer Industries
11500R Conveyor Rollers, Baking Oven Systems - Food Industries
15505GD Bushings, Bearings - Mechanical Applications Requiring Dissipation of Heat
13300K Bushing, Bearings for High Temp. and Heavy Load Mechanical Applications
10000 Guide Bushings, Conveyor Rollers - Food Industry
10500P (gold) Sleeves, Bushings for Reciprocating and Rotating Shafts (Non-Abrasive for Soft Surfaces)
11401KA Roller/Guide Bushings - Low RPM Mechanical Applications
90000 Rollers, Shoulder Bearings - Irrigation Equipment for High Abrasion Environments
DEL150AF Guide Wheels, Bearings - General Applications in the Food and Textile Industries