Dover High-Performance Plastics is a leading manufacturer and assembler of intricate plastic parts for use in electronic applications including connectors and insulators used by electronic equipment and devices such as radios, alarms, detectors, and RF towers. Manufacturing of additional parts, and assembly of finished part or product, is a core expertise. Utilizing a value-added and quality-ensured approach and leveraging expertise produces the best results for your electronic components. Dover High-Performance Plastics is committed to quality. Using complete gauging and measurement equipment, every custom fabrication is held to strict multiple level quality standards including statistical process control (SPC). Dover High-Performance Plastics is able to test and certify our custom fabrications to meet both your specifications and a wide range of industry standards. Offering total material traceability, Dover High-Performance Plastics maintains an ultimate goal of zero non-conformance through total quality management. Minimizing waste product throughout the total production cycle means more energy goes toward crafting the finest components for use in your electronics needs.