Dover High-Performance Plastics can manufacture plastic components for all your machining and fabrication needs including industrial and commercial components for machine shops and other fabricators. Example products include baffles, bearings, bellows, bobbins, bumpers, bushings, clamps, connectors, diaphragms, gaskets, guides, insulators, liners, o-rings, packings, piston rings, plugs, seal rings, sleeves, spacers, valve seats, vanes, wear strips, and more. Machined plastic components of all sizes and shapes can be fabricated through CNC and fully-automated high-speed machining as well as a variety of expertise in lathing, milling, drilling, cutting, indexing, and more. Utmost quality is ensured using engineers and plastic fabrication professionals as well as with Statistical Process Control (SPC). Customization and performance-property engineering deliver quality parts to individual application specifications. Dover High-Performance Plastics is prepared to oversee your fabrication component needs through from idea to manufacture.