Shaft Seals

(Rotary & Reciprocating)

Dover High Performance Plastics is proud to offer a comprehensive range of heavy duty shaft seals. Fabricated from superior quality materials to each client’s individual specifications, shaft seals by DHPP are a competitive alternative to standard, mass produced shaft seal solutions that may or may not fit an application with the necessary precision.

For the utmost efficiency and performance of your systems, choose the rotary or reciprocating shaft seals by Dover High Performance Plastics. If our standard size single and double Lip-seals, Kap-seals, V-rings, U-cups, Wedge-seals, Flip-seals, Foot-seals, or O-rings don’t precisely suit your application’s requirements, we can supply custom sizes and configurations especially for your order.

Contact the plastic fabrication experts of Dover High Performance Plastics today to find out more about how we can accommodate your business’ specific shaft seals, packings, insulators, O-rings, and other industrial grade plastic fabrication needs. Call us at 330-343-3477 or Contact Us.