An industry leader in plastic fabrication of all types, Dover High Performance Plastic especially prides themselves on producing top quality connectors for all your electrical, chemical, and mechanical applications. Precise attention is paid to exact specifications and safety standards, while still producing cost effective connectors.

At DHPP we carry a variety of connectors which means that we have the right connector for your application. Our connector solutions include: audio/video, circular, memory sockets, D-Sub, electrical connectors, backplane, power entry, RF/coaxial, industrial, IC sockets, fiber-optic, terminal blocks, patch panels, I/O, adaptors and more.

Contact the plastic fabrication experts of Dover High Performance Plastics today to find out more about how we can accommodate your business’ specific insulators, baffles, insulators, O-rings, shaft seals and other performance, industrial grade plastic fabrication needs. Call us at 330-343-3477 or Contact Us.